What is AI & ChatGPT?

1. What is AI? - AI stands for Artificial intelligence and is the development of computer systems that are able to peform tasks that typically require human intelligence

2. What is ChatGPT? - ChatGPT is a system with an AI Chatbot (a form of AI that you can have a conversation with via a chat box)

3. How does this benefit REALTORS®? - AI & ChatGPT will allow REALTORS® to quickly create real estate related content with one sentence. From topics & tips, ChatGPT will respond to a question inputted into the chatbot and provide you with content for social media, blog posts and more. For example, asking the chatbot to provide 10 first time home buyers tips to then include in a Instagram reel, blog post and/or Youtube video.

Check out the Youtube video for a full in depth explanation and tutorial on ChatGPT.

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