Tips to Set You Apart From Other REALTORS®

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The 4 Tips to set you apart from other REALTORS®:

  1. Let your personality shine. Your personality is what makes you, you and is what sets you apart from others. Allow your personality to come through in your conversations and your social media marketing to attract clients and customers naturally.
  2. Create content. An extremely useful and effective way to reach an audience is by consistent output of content. Social media content is one of the cheapest and most effective ways but there are others such as radio and signage advertisements. By continuously putting content on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, you're more likely to reach a greater community and in turn setting you apart from other REALTORS®. Unique content that showcases your fields of interest and personality is preferred however, any content is better than no content!
  3. Be attentive (ie. Get to know the clients/customers). It’s easy to quickly forget key details and even basic details when speaking with potential clients. However, making an effort to be attentive and remembering those details are what is going to set you apart from other REALTORS® in the industry. You will be memorable yourself as a REALTOR® who pays attention and is attentive to all that the clients have to say, which is extremely important.
  4. Maintaining a reputable stature in the industry is ultimately a key factor in setting you apart from other REALTORS®. In the end, having a positive reputation not only in the public world but in the industry will ultimately be a deciding factor in winning or losing some deals.
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