The 4 D's Of Email Organization

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Today we have Joelle Briggs, our operations manager, talking about email organization. She provides the 4 D's of email that allow you to organize your email. Which in turn, aids in the organization of your business life.

  1. DELETE IT: You ultimately save a lot of time in your day if you don’t touch your emails multiple times. Therefore, if it is a junk email, delete it immediately. Don’t reread or have your eyes scan over it multiple times before disregarding it from your inbox. 
  2.  DELEGATE IT: Is this really an email you need to be dealing with? Or is it something someone else can manage? If not, delegate it immediately. Don’t take the time to reread the email before deciding who on your team or within your organization will be dealing with that email. Send it to them right away so it can be dealt with in a timely manner. 
  3. DEAL WITH IT: Is it really an email that needs to sit in your inbox or is it something you can deal with right away? If it is and it will take you 5 minutes or less, deal with it right then and there. That way it is dealt with in a timely manner and out of your to do list.
  4. DATE/DIFFER IT: This doesn't mean having it sit in your inbox. Instead, move it to whatever tool you are using as your to do list. Whether that list is in your gmail or CRM, put a date and time to deal with that email. Therefore, Date it for another day, while keeping it out of your inbox.