Have you been thinking about using social media in your marketing strategies? Below we have 7 points as to why social media can be a benefit in your real estate marketing

  1.  VISIBILITY: As Jarred James would say "Visibility trumps ability" You can be the best REALTOR out there but if people don't know you are in real estate, you can be at a loss. So, you can post new listings, memes, personal content and a consistent message that talks about you and the industry you are in.
  2. TARGETED ADVERTISING: Although there are restrictions in Canada when it comes to targeting an audience with listing posts, determine the target market for introducing and advertising yourself.
  3. COST EFFECTIVE: Filming videos, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, this is all free. You can add a budget to your social media advertising to reach a wider audience. However, social media marketing is a cost effectve way of marekting yourself to your own sphere as much as you choose to do so.
  4. BUILDS TRUST & CONFIDENCE: You may have never met some of your social media sphere. However, if you continuesly provide content, with your face inclided, you will build confidence in the information you are providing as well as confidence in yourself as a realtor.
  5. LEAD GENERATION & TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE:  You can direct traffic to your website through social media posts (ie. such as posting a story on your Facebook & Instagram with a link to an open house page on your website) and you can capture leads!
  6. HUMANIZING YOUR BRAND: You are a big portion of your brand! You want to connect with people on a personal level and are great ways to tie in incredibility into your niche! An example, if you are a REALTOR that specializes in farming, I will take you along on some farm activities, farm listing or posting about agriculture informtion about my local area as efforts to reach those in my niche.
  7. EASY TO TRACK YOUR EFFORTS THROUGH INSIGHTS: Many of the marketing efforts that REALTORS historically promote (ie. radio advertisemeents, signage) can be difficult to track. But, social media has analytics available to you to help you track and determine which of your efforts are making the msot impact and reaching a larger audience.
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