30 Days of Social Media Content for REALTORS®

Are you struggling to post consistently on social media? Are you wanting to post but don't know where to start?

Century 21 Lanthorn is here to provide you with a full 30 days of social media content for you REALTORS®. Ranging from videos to even just sharing colleagues posts to your feed!

If you implement any of these into your social media efforts, don't forget to tage us @century21lanthorn so we can see all of your hardwork!

1. Reintroduce yourself

2. Share your workspace

3. Share a customer review / testimonial

4. Share your WHY

5. Promote your other social media accounts

6. Ask questions on your stories

7. Promote a new product

8. Talk about your favourite real estate products

9. Share a video from one of your business partners

10. Share a motivational quote

11. Share a how to video

12. Create and post a behind the scenes video

13. Sunday prep for the week (share what you do)

14. Promote a new product

15. Give business advice

16. Share your outfit of the day! (#OOTD)

17. Ask polls on stories

18. Talk on Reels (Create a reel of your topic with you talking)

19. Share 3 Facts about your business

20. Share what is trending in the real estate industry

21. Share your website

22. Post a short video using text on the screen

23. Post your workspace must haves

24. Promote a local business in your community

25. Post a quick tip of the day

26. Fun Facts about yourself not related to real estate

27. Post a this or that

28. Share a great book / podcast / show that you currently love

29. Ask your followers if there is any content they would like to see from you

30. Tease an upcoming listing or give a recap of your past month of business

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