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Welcome to Eldorado

Eldorado is a small community located in the Madoc Township.

Community Trenton Trails and Greenspace
Community Trenton CFB Canadian National Air Force Museum

The community of Eldorado was first founded when Marcus Herbert Powell discovered what he thought was copper along cavern walls on farm land of John Richardson's farm. Which was later determined to be the precious medal, gold. This discovery created a boosting economy with hotels, restaurants, bars, and more.

Today, Eldorado is a much smaller community. With the outsksirts of town filled with unoccupied buildings representing the history of the community, town is much quieter and Eldorado is now noted as a rural community.  Some buildings such as the Eldorado Gold cheese factory that closed in 1991 and the Trading Post which served as a gas station and general store. A historical plaque can be found along highway 62 which tells the story of Eldorado’s historical past.

Real estate opportunities are present in Eldorado. A community for investing, settling down in or to simply visit.